Not So Subtle Vanity

Somehow I have recently acquired a new hobby -face paint, make up, glitter, clown face… a glorious colorful palette to make the world – and selfies – seem that much greater. I grew up as a ballet dancer, so I always had my stage makeup: pancake, pink gloss, bright red lipstick, mascara, and some horrendous shade of “see it in the back row” blush.

Now, with a slight Birchbox addiction that has been escalated by the recent addition of Ulta to our trailer park-humble shopping strip, my new love has reached a fevered pitch, which has required the purchase of organizational shelving to hold the hoard.

In order to make this nonsense a little more worthwhile and maybe I can do a tax-write off as a business expense on my latest purchases if I give you a little peak at some wonderful and downright frightening items currently nestled in my purse. We’ll start with the good stuff.

First up, we have Stila’s Eyes Are the Window  Eye Shadow Palette – Spirit. Yes, what a long name. I have noticed in my time in the shady underworld of face paint that long names with emotional or literary references are almost just as key as the shiny boxes, and boy does this baby have a shiny box. Gold and luxurious. It feels so fancy that I have to wipe my prints from the shiny case to keep it pristine after each use.


This particular palette is all matte. I have been on one hell of a matte kick lately – from matte lipsticks to matte nailpolish to this. I was practically jumping up and down when I saw that all of the colors here are matte. Also, that there are two orangey-coppers that are have a high-pigmentation (you can really see it the colors!) and compliment my copper hair.

The price (at $49) did make me do a double take, but when making the jump from drugstore to fancy-pants, I guess you gotta crack your wallet a bit.

So, next – and last, since I just keep rambling on – is tarte LipSurgence matte lip tint in Envy.

The big thing that drew me to this lip crayon in the first place was touch. I touch everything. I’m one of those people that can’t manage to go anywhere without having texture-gasms from everything from the walls, racks of clothes, toothbrush bristles (gross, right?), and finally – this lipstick. It is velvety soft. And, we’re just talking about the actual container at this point.


When I put it on, it spread so smoothly and seemed to be pretty moist (ew, ew, ew… I hate that word). It’s an amazing color that I think would be great with nearly any skin tone, but wasn’t overwhelming on the massive paleness that is my face. It’s a nude without being a nude. It also had a slight minty scent/taste that just lasted for a moment.

Also, again, the matte finish was amazing, making it have a far more natural look and not outshine was overly shadowed eyes.

Some other matte great finds:

theBalm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long Lasting Lipstick in Charming

butter LONDON Matte Finish Shine Free Topcoat



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