Psych Study Session Via YouTube

I was accepted in the graduate program I had been waiting to hear from! It’s a Masters in Educational Psychology with a concentration in Research and Evaluation. My hope is that after this one-year master’s, I will be able to get into a Clinical Psychology or Neuropsychology program for my doctorate. I’m so excited! This is such a great opportunity.

Since my bachelors has nothing to do with any of this (Art History and Creative Writing), I am planning on taking the GRE Subject Test in psychology. I need to do spectacularly.  So, I keep on studying.

I found some nifty things this weekend while studying that I wanted to share:

This is a video showing examples of Piaget’s Stages of Development. Especially since my youngest is preschool age, I found illustration of the concept of conservation just astounding. Conservation is the ability to understand that something remains the same size or volume, even when it changes how it looks.

I was trying to understand the standard error. I understood standard deviation, but never heard of standard error. I found this interesting video that explains it through dance. Sounds weird, huh? I thought so, but amazingly it really helped me understand it.

The Barnum Effect is something you see used by palm readers and psychics. I found the comment interesting on how while only part of the information was correct – it felt so personal and accurate that the participant was willing to disregard the inaccurate information.

And, finally, this video demonstrates the theories of emotion through three scenarios in Disney films.

Next on the psych blogging side, I’m going to be looking at neuropsychoanalysis and/or how phenomenology can interplay with biological causes of mental illness. I am very interested in looking at treatment and discovery of both diagnostic tools and therapeutics that rely on both sides of the coin (psychosocial and biological) to work together.  This is also what I hope to build my research base and clinical practice on, in the future.

Dreaming big…. how Freudian.



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