Say It In Red

Sometimes you just need to make a statement. There is nothing that screams “Screw you!” quite like a bright red lipstick at 8am. If it’s leaving a disappointing one night stand or walking into job that makes you want to run away to Morocco and never look back, a slap-in-the-face color statement is the way to express your feelings.


Perfection in lipstick form, NYX Matte Lipstick in Perfect Red is a no holds barred, no pulled punches bright red. It goes on smoothly and isn’t as dry as some matte lipsticks I’ve run into.  I love this brand, which started as makeup for the pro’s at good prices.

This one will definitely not break the bank. Oh, and unlike most bright reds I’ve found – you don’t necessarily have to have a lip liner.

If you like NYX, also try the butter lipstick Afternoon Heat.  It’s another great red, but not matte this time. It’s a super vibrant color as are all the shades in the butter line.

I’m all about having on the least amount of makeup possible, while still looking decently put together. Not sure I achieve that, but I can’t help rolling my eyes when I see YouTube tutorials or similar and there is a list 10 miles long of all the layers of crud they have on their faces.  It’s just ridiculous.

You should love your silly-ass face. I personally even call slapping on the make up, my “dress up” time.  Make up gives us an oportunity to play as adults.  Honey, it’s not going to get you a guy or chick because some day – they’re going to see you without the facepaint and you want to make sure they still recognize you.

on_stage_grandeNow, Lord and Berry’s Twistick in On The Stage is a sheer lip crayon that truly glides across your lips. It’s a little more pink that I would like, but it’s still bright, lustrous and very light on the lips.  The downside – you’ll need to reapply pretty frequently and make sure to line it first with the crayon and then fill in the lips.  The tip on mine is all sorts of smoothed into a blunt crayon, just like my crayolas (yes, I’m truly a kid at heart).

Last but not least is Hikari lip gloss in Salsa. It’s super thick, but is a high gloss and classic red. It’d a little thick for my taste, but I’ll sometimes blend it or put it over a nude base. Or, it’s good to get that freshly kissed off look – goop it on then blot a ton and it leaves more of stain on your lips that is red but has a natural texture to it.

So, make a statement and wear your red lips proudly. Forget statement necklaces and let your lips speak for you without your voice having to raise above a whisper.

Order as pictured:
1) Model Co – Smitten
2) NYX Matte – Perfect Red
3) Lord and Berry Twistick – On the Stage
4) NYX butter – Afternoon Heat
5) Hikari – Salsa 

And, since I didn’t really mention Model Co’s Smitten… here it is —



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