The Second Coming of Sigmund Freud |

This is an interesting read. It was published in April 2014, but it seems to hold some interesting insights that are all the more applicable today. It is not what I was expecting from the article through. It’s on finding concrete biological evidence to support Freud’s theories that have been primarily explored through more subjective results in talk therapy.

Another interesting discovery I made in the article, Sigmund Freud started his career in biology, studying the brain.

Definitely a good read: The Second Coming of Sigmund Freud |


“Neuroscientists (namely Mark Solms) has put the study of the mind back in the study of the brain, says Solms: “What neuropsychoanalysis is all about is this: How does the actual stuff of being a person relate to the tissue and physiology and anatomy and chemistry of the brain?” Psychoanalysis has insightful, provocative theories about emotions, unconscious thoughts and the nature of the mind. Neurobiology has the ability to test these ideas with powerful tools and experimental rigor. Together, the two fields might finally answer the most elusive question of them all: How is it that dreams, fantasies, memories and feelings — the subjective self — emerge from a hunk of flesh?”


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