Glamorous Scents

I was a smoker. I smoked off and on since I was a teenager. I even sold cigarettes when I was in elementary school to oldest kids. The proceeds then went to buy fake cigarettes from the ice cream truck. I’ve smoked Basics when I was broke, Dunhills when I wasn’t. I’ve puffed on delightfully colorful Sweet Dreams from a long cigarette holder and plucked American Spirits from embossed cases shaped like coffins or with flames embossed. There has not been a brand or variation that I haven’t partaken in, including roll-your-owns.

However, all this suck and blow has lead to one distinct thing, ok two – if you include the cough, but I’m referring to lacking a decent sense of smell. My flame was finally and, hopefully, permanently extinguished a few months ago. I’m finding my nose again and it was been a wonderful experience.

I’ve never worn perfumes and cautiously put them away when I would receive samples or gifts of perfume. I didn’t know how to judged them and found that drug store perfumes made me smell more like peroxide than something amazing.

So, in December, when I could finally see smell the end of the post-ciggy tunnel, I opened the box of samples and started to explore.

I found a few interesting truths in the world of wearing perfume:

  1. A little more is a good thing, but once you hit the point of no return (and you know it immediately) – just take a shower.
  2. Each “point of no return” is different depending on the product. Some you can pour out half the bottle and barely smell it still. Others – it just takes a drop.
  3. I had always heard of perfume mixing with your body chemistry and changing the smell, but never took it seriously. TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. Something in a bottle will smell one way. Once it’s on you, it WILL smell different. This could be bad or good. But, you have to try it to see.
  4. Everyone has their preference. If it’s a “good” perfume to one person, it might not be the same for you. Base it off what YOU like to smell. Not what other people like to smell, because you are the only one stuck with your body all day.
  5. Perfumes that don’t smell like rubbing alcohol are freaking expensive for my meager-ish budget. But, they worth it. Smelling pretty things make me smile.

So, knowing this is a very individualized process. I would never have imagined that it was so personal. But, I will share with you the three currently in the rotation as my favorites.

English Laundry Signature for Herenglishlaundry_signaturewomen_3-4_900x900
“Inspired by classic country gardens, English Laundry’s charming blend perfectly melds top notes of rose geranium with a backdrop of woody spicy and musky notes. Bright, enticing and elegant. Signature opens with quince, complimented by white chocolate and jasmine petals at the heart. For a purely peaceful scent, notes of orris roots, powdery musk and sensual woods have been composed at the base.”

It is a fairly weak perfume. The notes of the fragrance are not intense individually, but they create a holistic scent that gently trails down your wrist. It’s very calming and not too sweet. It’s great as an everyday perfume for the office or out and about. If I were a stay-at-home, I would still dab a little on in the morning. Truly feminine and comforting.

Burberry Body

“Burberry Body is the most exciting launch that we have ever created and captures the iconic spirit of the brand today in a striking and sensual way.” – says Christopher Bailey, creative director of the brand.

“The scent features top notes of green absinthe, illuminating peach and delicate freesia. Floral heart notes of natural rose absolute and iris are intensified with warm sandalwood. Sensual notes of woody cashmeran, creamy vanilla, seductive amber and musk warm the base.”

This is a moderately strong perfume. It is a rich scent and definitely more long-lasting. I also love the bottle. It’s definitely a put a drop in your cleavage on top of the usual points for a night out on the town perfume. It is positively delicious. Umm… but don’t drink it.


Folle de Joie


“Derived from the ease of California’s sea scented beaches and romanticized by Parisian charm, Folle de Joie captures the carefree yet sophisticated JOIE lifestyle. The scent opens with a burst of freshness from an intimate blend of calming sweet citrus mixed and a light woodsy floral, giving way to playful hints of rich cognac. Folle De Joie’s mid notes of jasmine and rose add a feeling of Summer’s carefree essence while exotic warm base notes of spicy and rich wood and leather nuances broaden the seductive scent. Presented in a bottle reminiscent of a treasured vintage find, the delicate gold accents and textured linen paper add to the overall affect creating the perfect package.”

This is definitely a playful delight. This is a moderate to heavy scent for me, but I have seen reviews where it is referred to as soft. It definitely gives off a glamorous outdoorsy vibe.

What is your favorite perfume?


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