Day 5

Day five of taking medication and I forgot to take my morning meds. The littlest son woke up at 3am, stripped off his clothes and demanded cheese toast (times three) and to watch Paw Patrol on his tablet. So, the naked-cheese-toast-eating munchkin threw a wrench in my sleep schedule and I managed to oversleep all three of my alarms. Luckily, the kids are going to their sitter for the rest of the week, so I can go to sleep while it’s still light out and avoid any further cheese toast-related shenanigans.

My dad texted me this morning. My mom still refuses to admit their homeless, since they are living in a tent in a state park. That’s a home, right? Well, my dad ended up back in the ER, this time at a different hospital. He has pneumonia. And, they released him back into the wild. Don’t worry, dear husband of mine, there was no conversation, just text messages from him. I know how much it messes with my head to deal with them.

Even without the morning dose, I am feeling still very out of sorts. Like compressed. Awkward and unsure of everything. Talking too loudly, talking too softly. I have meetings starting shortly, so this should be a fun-filled day.


Oh, also, I found this yesterday. I don’t understand any of it. Could someone explain to me what this means?


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