About Darla


Darla Carmichael is an author and playwright, who uses her unique background to build characters and stories that are sometimes painfully familiar to those most cringe-worthy moments in our own lives. For her non-fiction work, including a well-loved blog, she explores her experiences and interests through in surviving abuse and domestic violence, mental illness, a love of beauty, and bringing scientific updates to a general audience in a way that is useful and sometimes heartwarming.

From Darla, on her blog:

“In general, I write about three topics fairly equally: 

  • scientific research or new findings in psychology
  • myself in exploring my own issues with victimization, mental health and parenting
  • and, girly crap that my house full of boys want nothing to hear about.

So, why combine the three with say: a post on an anxiety attack, a post on neuropsychoanalysis, and a post on lipstick reviews, instead of having three separate blogs that speak each to a different audience. Well, it’s simple. This blog is about me and this is who I am and my interests. All three. Not one greater or lesser than another. It is me as a whole person – not segmented. If nothing else, just enjoy the writing, if the subject matter doesn’t speak to you.” 

Darla lives with her two children, Jack (9) and Zed (4), and occasionally with her husband, Mic, in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Darla is sardonic and keeps her voice true and conversational, making each reader a new confidante and drinking buddy.

To contact Darla, email her at: darla.carmichael@gmail.com